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Welcome to Echoes of Summer

 Echoes of Summer, a small family-run business based in Chatham, Cape Cod, produces certified organic artisan quality fruit spreads, fruit butters, conserves and chutneys. All our ingredients are certified organic and we hand select all the fruit and vegetables, which are harvested at the peak of ripeness. We cook them in a special way to maintain their integrity and allow the natural flavor and sweetness of the fruit to take center stage. This compelling flavor is captured in a jar for "The Taste of Summer All Year Round".

Is that it? Not really. For if you're a newcomer to this site, and to my 'family treasures', you - and your taste buds - are in for a pleasant surprise

Everything you can see (and later taste) at my on-line shop is the culmination of a thirty-year love affair. As far back as I can remember, I have been exploring new ways to get the fullest flavors I can from the freshest ingredients.

In many ways, it stems from my passion to provide the very best for my family and with good reason, as you will see from my story. I am just glad I eventually listened to my boys, when they kept insisting I bring my products to market.

You could say that what you have here is the best of both worlds ~ a range of great-tasting organic products all of my spreads are sodium-free, gluten-free, virtually fat-free and therefore guilt-free pleasures.

I prefer to put it another way

What you also have is the first step in your own personal gastronomic adventure that's whether you simply indulge in the tastes (and ponder just how the Habanero pepper jelly does that thing to your taste buds and whether those Perfect Pecans can really be legal or maybe go beyond the suggestions on my labels, and explore how to use my products as ingredients in your own creations.

By now, you probably have an idea why I say, "we're not just another jam company". My husband Carl teases me that I am obligated to tell customers that it is ok to put our spreads on toast.
They have my permission!

Whether you see them as family treasures or as guilt-free pleasures, enjoy!


PS I do want to keep hearing from you ~ I particularly liked that idea of using my Apple Butter as a sweetener in green tea ~ so please keep the suggestions and questions coming.

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